Blood Moons & Bad Toons

Talk about adventures...

Last Thursday I took a trip to the Cal Academy of Science in San Francisco to get a little sketching on. Although the museum was filled with highly excited kids (highly is heavily understated... "Moooom, I found the alligatorrrrrrrrr!) it was really awesome to sit and sketch in the jungle and watch coral-scapes down in the aquarium. 

Did you see the Blood Moon?! We waited up and searched through the SF Fog and finally caught a glimpse. Imagine seeing the moon change color in the 1400's...

I have some pretty awesome collaborations on the horizon. One that I can share right now is a collab between Etnies Skateboards. Im super stoked to be working with them and can't wait to show you more about the project as it goes along. 


Signs & Signets in Mud

I've been spending a lot of my days in this position...

nicomi nix turner


Coming back from Europe this year made me really hyper critical about my art and process. When surrounded by Rubens, Mucha, Bosch, Bruegal and Ensor... well, it is easy to feel what Cassatt described as an "Art Crisis". Although perhaps crisis is a bit of an overkill, this art fueled adventure to Europe had certainly solidified my long standing assertion that I can always do better.

I have sat with the idea for the piece I am currently working on for months. Several scraped versions of this piece finally led to something I think I can work with. This piece will be my first museum exhibited piece, which is pretty exciting. 

Do better. Try harder.


Space Dust Never Settles

Along with lots of other works, I'm working on a large piece for an upcoming split show with artist Ajay Brainard at Antler PDX Gallery in Portland Oregon. 


I've been thinking about droughts lately. Waking up thirsty, dried vegetation, dead fish... I am a true nut when it comes to fixating on the shit we have put this planet through. For years, my art has reflected a lot of these dwellings and I am seeing a lot of the drought theme come up in this piece.

If you are in San Francisco this week, stop by Fecal Face Gallery on Friday for the opening of 'Salt the Skies'. I will have a piece in this group exhibition featuring works from Brett Amory, Curiot, Hiro Kurata and many more. Show opens at 6pm Mar 21 at 2277 Mission St. SF | CA


Social Skills Developed Through Gardens

Although I am never a fan of warm weather, I must admit a growing sense of excitement for Spring and the bounty of flowers budding through our neighborhood. I come from a linage of dirt lovin' flower ladies. You know the type; flower clippings in pockets, the occasional speck of pollen on their nose or in their hair, the visible urge to smell every flower on an evening walk...

I can remember making flower soup from the petals in great-grandmother's garden (sometime I wonder if this was the start of my obsession with piles of vegetation out of their element)  and popping unopened fuchsia and being told in the sweetest Cuban tongue, "You are killing my ballerinas".

After my mother died, I was able to find her book of poems she wrote ( which still smells faintly of roses).

"Anything in the universe of giving

My first love and touch

of feeling

still plays upon my mind;

so many years away from grandma's

garden" -T.L.W.




Quarrels With Sunbathers

So much art making going on...


and walk talking, trouble making, sun bathing, cookie binging and perspective taking.

There are about 5-ish shows coming up within the next few months. I've been trying to get everything done in tandem but sometimes there are creative potholes on a piece and all you can do is get frustrated and stop and move on.

Doing art full time can be daunting. Beautiful but daunting. I am so thankful for the time to create and push my work as much as I can.


Varnish Fine Art 'Winter Show'

This Thursday, February 6th visit Varnish Fine Art for the 2014 Winter Show!


San Fransisco! Get a chance to see a couple of the works created for the LA Art Show by myself and artist duo Ransom & Mitchell. The show opens at 3pm-8pm and will be on view at the gallery until February 28th.

See you there!

Varnish Fine Art 16 Jessie Street San Francisco, CA


Migrating Crows & Creaking Floors

Lots of in progress art happening around here.


It feels like Spring is already here. There are false starts to fresh blooms, the morning fog is no more and I am already eating cobbler and drinking cold whiskey. Bummer. I miss the ache of a good Winter's chill.

I am working on pieces for a lot of upcoming shows, while also trying to keep The Shop stocked with Mini Beetles, which last time sold out in 20 minutes! So bear with me if my blog updates are sporadic.

Coming up:

'Melancholy Menagerie' Group Exhibition - Fullerton Museum Center Fullerton, California

'Out of Body' Group Exhibition - Gauntlet Gallery San Francisco, California

Split Exhibition with Ajay Brainard - Antler PDX Portland, Oregon

'The Elusive Key' Group Exhibition - Gristle Gallery Brooklyn, New York


Good Riddance & Swan Dives

January has been a whirlwind.


We took a trip to Los Angeles earlier this month for the 19th annual LA Art Show. It was amazing. Not only did we get to see so much great work from so many galleries, we also got to finally meet some of our art neighbors and I got a chance to talk to some really awesome people that came over to the Littletopia Booth with Varnish Fine Art.

Hi-Fructose did a great little write up about my works for the show, too. You can check out the article HERE!

There is a whole lot coming up and I can't wait.


Winter's Claws & Warm Notions of Survival

I have been a busy bee lately, while I daydream of ghosts, aged lace and old worlds. 


Next month, I will have a sketchbook piece (last photo) included in the Third Moleskine Project Show at Spoke Art Gallery. The show is curated by Rodrigo Luff and will be on display December 5th - December 21st. 

Other artists in the show include: Aaron Nagel, Ana Bagayan, Casey Weldon, Henrik Uldalen, Jeremy Hush, Kim Cogan, Pat Perry and many more.  


Glimmers in Shadow & Smoke

“Stars are beautiful, but they must not take an active part in anything, they must just look on forever. It is a punishment put on them for something they did so long ago that no star now knows what it was.” - J.M. Barrie


Samhain approaches. We are chalked full of pumpkin beer & long reads as the moon gets larger and shadows blend into early darkness. With Mercury delving into retrograde soon, the colder evenings call for moments of introspection and celebrations of this seasons pass.

Here is too lots of art, night walks and quiet adventures.


Lugh & Unfolding Bridges

A lot has been going on!  I will be showing with Strychnin Berlin Gallery for the upcoming Cologne, Germany Art Fair happening October 31st - November 3rd.


Creating the works for this show was quite intensive but incredibly enjoyable. I certainly could not have done it without my amazing husband who apparently is also an amazing framer as well. The art has safely flown across the seas and is ready to be installed with the works of other Strychnin Berlin artists such as: Madeline von Foerster, David Hochbaum,  Till Krautkraemer and more. 


Lil Bub & Lil Bits Of Awesome

Something incredible happened yesterday in San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery.

nicomi_nix_turner_3 copy.jpg

Spoke Art hosted a Lil Bub Art Show featuring works from myself, Jeremy Hush, Casey Weldon, Aaron Nagel, Isabel Samaras, and many more! The most exciting part of the afternoon was getting to meet the Lil Lady in person! More exciting yet? I got to play with the precious ball of fur!


-Fernbeds (Happiest Girl in the World)